Saturday, November 20, 2010

2007 Ducati SportClassic GT1000

2007 Ducati SportClassic GT1000The shapes of the GT1000 are modern interpretations of the classic lines of the original GTs of the 70s. The rather slim fuel tank features knee cut-outs on the sides and deep sculpting that allows a comfortable riding position. Full fender front is mounted with elegant aluminium tubing braces. The trim side covers remind us of the 70’s originals, and feature small venting holes for accent. Many of the details like the top crowns, fork caps and handlebar mounts are finished in polished aluminium, and are complimented with the chrome surfaces of the wheels, instrument trim, handlebars and horn covers. Finally, the classic look is completed with chrome full-length exhaust pipes and mufflers, one per side.The rider’s position on the GT1000 is one of comfort and control. The chromed tubular steel handlebars enables an upright riding position to be maintained. A well-padded dual seat is sewn in a classic pattern and features ’Ducati’ printed in white proudly on the back. Rider footpegs are placed conservatively forward allowing comfort and good ground clearance at the same time. The GT1000 is a true two-seater, so the passenger’s footpegs are also sensibly placed for all-day comfort.

The advanced Desmo 1000 Dual Spark engine powers the GT1000. The torquey air-cooled L-twin is the perfect match for the GT1000’s comfort and performance attributes. Alloy cylinders, with their traditional cooling fins form the classic "L" configuration, reminding us of the original Taglioni design. Slim between the legs and exposed for all to see, the latest two-valve Desmo system, fuel-injection, computer controlled engine management and Ducati Testastretta technology ensure that the 1000 DS engine is powerful, dependable and thrilling to ride.

2007 Ducati SportClassic GT1000The classic tradition of Italian Grand Touring returns in a successful mix of style and performance, available also in a special new two-tone version.

The philosophy that lies behind the new Ducati SportClassic family finds further emphasis in this new model, which completes the range and fully lives up to the expectations and promises made at the moment of its Tokyo Motorshow launch in October 2003.

As you would expect from a motorcycle inspired by the original icons of Ducati sport motorcycles, every element and component is built with only the highest quality materials and engineered with performance as a priority. Although classically inspired, the GT is a modern Ducati motorcycle, so it must be powerful, handle confidently and be exciting to ride every day.

2007 Ducati SportClassic GT1000The essential beauty and timeless style of the Ducati GT models of the 1970s now comes to life again with this bike. The new Ducati GT1000 is a bike to be ridden every day, with a balance of two-up comfort and Ducati Desmo Twin performance.


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