Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kawasaki Ninja 650 edition

Kawasaki Ninja 650R is the North-American-market, version tapering of the motor bike er-6n, known under the name of er-6f elsewhere in the world, presented in 2006. 650R is a motor bike of twin of average weight, designed for the normal use on the paved roads. It has to name modern and comprises, with the ergonomics of low-allowance of the places, a bottom centre of gravity, and output of the sizeable and handy power. Its design was designed to call upon a wide assistance of come the senior riders. The design was supposed to maximize the comfort and the integration of rider, and is aesthetically equivalent to larger, more powerful superbikes.
650R /faired ER-6, known under the name of er-6f overseas, was presented to the market in 2006 by motor bikes of Kawasaki। The er-6n unfaired was not sold in North America until the 2009 model years. 2008 650R has a MSRP of $6.499 USD, $200 more than the model 2006. Adjustments of motor bike above the models of 250R Ninja and 500R Ninja which already existed in Kawasaki 'line of sportbike of S, which includes the famous models of Ninja ZX. For 2009, Kawasaki an updated Ninja 650R released which includes the new body, the mirrors, measurements, lighting, and a new air on the same engine of 649 DC. The weight of edge is reported as 440.9 books (200.0 kilogrammes) instead of the preceding dry weight of 393 pounds (178 kilogrammes). The MSRP of the model 2009 is $6.799, making him the Ninja expensive 650 up to now.


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