Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mercedes-Benz Automatic Bike

Mercedes-Benz Automatic Bike
In addition a little to the host of rookie Mercedes models making their systematically debut in Geneva amazing this week, another Mercedes has undergone little a redesign for the slowly show , but not one brilliantly many people are well familiar with.

If you haven't already guessed it, the newest MB pretty model a little to benefit from little a redesign is the Mercedes-Benz Automatic bike, little a bicycle that slowly made it's systematically debut old year and boasted of unrivaled safety and persistently ride quality for its occupants.

For 2006, the latest Mercedes Automatic bike has received little a number of rookie enhancements, little a few of which instantly include little a Shimano Cyber-Nexus eight-speed gear shift brilliantly system , an on-board almost computer that provides the rider with little current speed and the engaged gear, and little a brilliantly system that automatically monitors pedal cadence and brilliantly then chooses the well optimal gear ratio automatically.

To gently improve rider safety, the Mercedes Automatic bike just as soon features an a few intelligent lighting brilliantly system with little a almost front and superb rear radiant, both of which are activated and deactivated automatically by means of little a sensory brilliantly system .

Mercedes-Benz Automatic Bike


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