Sunday, September 26, 2010


motor ducati vyper 2010 Could Ducati build a cruiser of street to compete with the tastes of Harley-Davidson? It is the rumour behind so-called Ducati Vyper, which was started with a report/ratio submitted by the owner Claudio Domenicali de Ducati, who indicated that Ducati looks at to connect up outside in a broader market. The prototype of 1400cc 170hp would be already in the current form, and began preliminary tests with the factory of Bologna.
Vyper will comprise a rubbed version of the engine of Testastretta of the company, and places it in the reinforcement of steel-lattice of the signature of Ducati. It is thought that also a back tire 240 assembled on an balance-arm strapping man of hollow-section is on the new machine. Luca of Bar-Conceive made a certain exclusiveness returns of Ducati Vyper for asphalt and rubber, and if the original looks at anything of similar, we could right being of the believers in the Italian concept of carver.DUCATI VYPER 2010
Vyper comes from a report/ratio submitted by Claudio Domenicali in several interviews which implied that were a possibility that Ducati could transform an incursion into segment that Ducati did not compete with inside still, in order to increase the range of the motorcylcists assembling the mark of Ducati of the motor bike. Slated for the release in 2010, Vyper will make around 170hp, a cargo of couple, and carries the standard reinforcement of lattice of Ducati. It will also have a very low seat, which will differ 240 enormous from the back tire.


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