Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yamaha Byson Released to Counter Attack Honda New Mega

Finally, two Japanese dominating brand in Indonesian motorcycle market release their new low capacity sport variant. Honda release it’s New Mega Pro, while Yamaha release it’s new variant of Vixion which named with Byson.

yamaha bison vs mega pro
Accoring to it’s price, capacity, and the period when the new bike was being released, it could be understand that the two new bike will compete head to head. Which one will be the winner? You, all customer, will answer… let’s see several amont to go!
Yamaha Byson
Yamaha Byson is a newer version of former Yamaha 150 cc sport engine, Yamaha Vixion. The most different thing is: Byson use traditional carburetor while Vixion use injection engine. Otherwise, new Byson come with fresh style which are really attract Indonesian you biker. It’s OK to use carburetor engine, “it mush easier to maintain” the said.
honda new mega pro
A couple days before, Honda also release it’s new Mega Pro. It comes in smaller engine then the former one. It use 150cc engine, while the old Mega Pro use 1600 CC engine. Offcourse, Honda also deliver some thing fresh on it’s new variant: street fighter style head lamp, mono sock, and some other interesting features.
Which one are you? It’s ok to choose one, but the most important thing is, keep safety riding always!


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